Sector: Manufacturer of bamboo straw huts


The history of Nipahut started in 2015. Following numerous travels and enriching encounters, the director of the enterprise decided to commercialise ecological products with a small effect on the environment while favouring local work. This is how he discovered the many virtues of bamboo, used primarily in Asia. Despite a trail filled with traps, he decided with a friend to have an adventure of fabricating beach houses out of quality bamboo. 

Start of the collaboration

Our encounter started in October 2017 during a meeting organised by Offensiv’ PME, a club of entrepreneurs of which Nipahut and RiaStudio are members. 

Challenges and solutions

Nipahut commercialises their products to individuals through fairs in France. Before getting Yuto, the six sellers wrote purchase orders by hand, which resulted in multiple errors that could turn out detrimental for the company. Nipahut was looking to standardise their commercial process to reduce significantly errors, save time and generate correct purchase orders. 
With the CRM application Yuto on tablet and mobile, the sellers save precious time on writing their purchase orders. The commercial process is better structured and the process is simplified and regulated. 
Today, Yuto functions in total autonomy without connection with an ERP. In it’s structuring process, Nipahut will soon equip their collaborators with the software for commercial administration OpenConcerto, which in turn Yuto will become compatible with. 
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