Sector: Manufacturing and distribution of articles for arts and crafts

"There is a real synergy between the site and the app. Yuto is a tailored offer developed by a fast, available, reactive and flexible team."


Oz International started in 1989 in the market for tools and materials in arts and crafts. Always on the hunt for pioneering products from all over the world, Oz offers a complete selection of good quality products. Today the company has 35 collaborators and 40 stores and chains that represent the brand. Their catalogue has more than 5000 items.

Start of the collaboration

Oz International used to be represented by a seller internally and autonomous VRP multicards that were equipped with a similar solution, offered by the brands they were working for. The company decided to send out a consultation to try and find a solution « ready to use », giving the customers the possibility to make an order without the need for commercial visits.

Challenges and solutions

In between seller visits to a customer, the customer had to do his/her order by email, telephone or fax. This proved to be a field liable to errors, and necessitated many employees to be available to administer the sales.

Among all the chosen solutions, Yuto was the one that caught the attention of Oz International. Our knowledge of BtoB, costs, delivery times, simplified adaptation and customisation made us stand out from the competition.

Oz was searching for a performing solution with powerful features, for example administering complex campaigns. In about 24 hours Yuto was fully synchronised with their catalogues, their prices and their customers. Customer service was convined, and now they can not work without Yuto.


Logo OZ International

"We were looking for a tool ready to use to improve the performance of our sellers. The solution had to simplify orders and be linked to our e-commerce website. Yuto responded to our needs.
What really makes us happy with Yuto, is the synchronisation with the software Sage 100. We’re seeing a real synergy between our website and the app. Yuto is a tailored offer developed by an available, fast, reactive and flexible team. So, even when travelling, my sellers have all the information necessary to feel validated by the customer for their effectiveness. Most of all, the number of orders is a lot higher through the app than through the website alone."

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