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The new generation
of mobile CRM

Improve your results and increase your turnover fast with our CRM app for sellers

Discover Yuto
  • Access even without an Internet connection
  • Fast and intuitive experience
  • Real-time synchronisation of data
  • Automatic reporting

Yuto, a CRM App that meets the needs of all your departments

Executive management
Yuto, a strategic tool for the management

Improve the productivity of your company by giving the employees a powerful tool for business management.

Sales department
Yuto, a tool for technological work

Yuto will improve your efficacy and simplify your daily work

Sales administration
Yuto, a huge time saver

The tool gives new meaning to your tasks. Fewer phone calls, less reentering of orders. Now you can concentrate on the tasks that generate the best return for your company.

Logistics department
Yuto, an assisting tool

Yuto optimises administration of deliveries. Logistics is therefore greatly simplified


6 reasons to choose Yuto to accompany you in your business

  • An intuitive user interface and a simplified access
  • 100% trustworthy information that is always updated
  • Synchronized in real-time with the business management
  • Create a quote without Internet access
  • A team with expertise to support your projet
  • Compatible with the most ERPs in the market
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Yuto and the extranet BtoB
a winning omnichannel strategy

Synchronise Yuto with the extranet BtoB and optimise your sales processes. Result : a smoother business exchange, updated and available information every moment and a better performing commercial accompaniment.

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  • Administer your stock in real-time
  • Synchronise the product catalogue
  • Automatic update of the customer data
Yuto, the evolutionary solution at the heart of your commercial system

Pair Yuto with our complementary web solutions and integrate it at the heart of your commercial device. Our team of experts will provide you with advice on the most effective tools, adapted to your problem.

  • E-commerce site
  • Price comparison
  • Market Place

A mobile CRM for your field sales team

Discover all the advantages of the best assistant your company has ever had

Yuto, a team of experts here
to guide you in your daily life

Our team works every day to guide you in all the phases of your e-commerce project. Should we have a chat over a coffee ?

  • Commercial overview
  • Customer Service Support
  • Webinar
  • E-learning
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