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Increase your Commercial Performance

Yuto, a new generation of CRM app

Follow your sales opportunities

Follow the commercial activity of the company and never again miss a sales opportunity.

Customers to solicit, ongoing quotes, Commercial Pipeline, news… your commercial app saves all contact between the company and the customers. These exchanges are visible from the dashboard, also called widgets, accessible through the homepage. These widgets are entirely customisable to show only what really interests you.

  • Shortcuts to reach the most important features of the app

  • Click-to-call to call your contacts with one tap

Create a quote in under one minute

The creation of a quote is simplified and faster than ever before. Make an order in under a minute, even in offline mode. You only have to add a product from the catalogue, add a customer, date, delivery and a means of payment. Press confirm, and that’s it!

When you’re connected the app will synchronise your data and transfer orders that have been made. Result : You save time when you’re meeting the customer, and therefore give a good impression.

  • Quotes get automatically linked to the customer card

  • A sales record that traces the history of the customers previously-made orders. Very practical for
    seasonal products

  • An electronic signature that is legally viable is integrated in the app

Your Catalogue updated in true time

Forget heavy paper catalogues, an historical object. Make room for a catalogue with products online. Now you have access to all product references, updated in true time, and ongoing nexs and campaigns that can be offered to the client.

The products is given value by recent photographs in good quality. The article description and the pricing is shown clearly and visibly to the customer.

  • A direct insight concerning the status of the stock. A colour code signalises the availability of the products. Your stock is updated in real time! You have access at all times to 100% viable information

  • Display of pricing conditions tailored to the customer

  • Administration of terms, campaigns and the adding of similar articles to increase the average shopping cart

A Customer Card at your fingertips

From now on your customer card is easily available. Consult, add or change, no matter your positioning, your customer or prospect cards. You can easily have displayed on one screen all the people that have made an order. Segment, categorise and organise to sell better, and to discover profiles with huge potential. In a simple user interface you can consult the last quotes, bills, orders in progress, the activity feed and even the turnover of your customer. Now you won’t miss a thing!

  • The possibility for customers to add a comment to your orders so that you can evaluate their satisfaction

  • The possibility to show the customers outstanding amount


The CRM-software is connected to Waze, a GPS that is preferred in sales communities.
This results in optimised business trips and earning two days per month!

The personal guide of the seller

The activity feed makes it possible for the seller in the field to remember everything thanks to a simple user interface, all essential information is available:

  • Visit reports
  • Ongoing quotes
  • Orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Visiting time
  • Reminders
  • Click-to-call and click-to-mail makes it easy to contact customers or prospects with one tap

Visualise estimated turnover

You can follow the progress of your sellers sales with the help of automatic reporting, included in Yuto. The visit reports and information are made available via the Commercial Pipeline (chance and delay of signing), and you can easily evaluate the estimated turnover and the sales statistics. In this way you can determine the actions to take to generate more sales.

  • A simple colour code (green - orange - red) to find out if you have achieved your goals

  • Automatic notifications of visit reports at the end of the meeting

  • Ratio between visit time and turnover automatically generated, statistics concerning saved reports and statistics on turnover

Contact your leads and generate more sales

With prospection by telephone you can contact your leads from the app. Write telephone reports with a tap. Make a notification for making a new call in your calendar

  • Add the comment either by text or by automatic voice recognition

  • Automatic push-notifications for repeat contact with customers and prospects

  • Works both with smartphone and tablet

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