Sector: Manufacturing and distribution of industrial paint

"Yuto has become the personal assistant of the whole team because we now have the possibility to have all information concerning the customer, and this simplifies sales and the administration of customer services."


La Sodip was founded in 1948 and is a leader in the Poitou-Charentes and Vendée regions in France. Their specialty is the distribution of solutions of paint for automobiles and industry. 25 employees work internally to guarantee innovative solutions that solve demanding technical problems. The team chooses the best products and adds colours, without overlooking the council and accompaniment of the customer.

Start of the collaboration

Everything started in 2009 at the « Offensiv PME », a club of entrepreneurs with members like La Sodip and RiaStudio. This collaboration started with the launch of an extranet that was capable of synchronising with their ERP software, «Harmony», that specialise in the distribution of paints. In 2014 everything was going much faster.

La Sodip had plans for a great evolution. To prepare for this, the company had to put down the pen and paper and equip themselves with an innovative solution, one that could make the turnover grow quickly. This is how Yuto came into the picture.

Challenges and solutions

The traditional commercial process had been becoming difficult to handle and there were heavy demands to process. In this sector, where there’s a wide customisation of prices, it was no longer possible to use pen and paper.

La Sodip searched for an advanced solution, one that was able to synchronise with their new software, Sage. The solution had to associate itself with their existing tool without extra development. To meet this challenge we proposed to associate Sage with Yuto. For about a year La Sodip has been using our app in an open innovation and continues to be assisted in their commercial projects.


sodip peinture
Sodip Peinture

"Before tablets were created, our sellers used pen and paper to take orders. Time lost, errors and rewriting things was a part of our daily life. Today commercial information is more reliable than ever before because everything is synchronised in real time on the tablet.
Yuto has become the personal assistant to the whole team because we now have the opportunity to have all customer information. In turn this simplifies sales and the administration of a great customer service. Our delivery times are now shorter than ever by the aid of all-day automatic sending of delivery bills.
Logistics can treat orders without working under pressure. They can monitor all commercial activity and amend errors as and when necessary. Since our goal is to satisfy our customers and improve their relationship with to our sellers, the app is a huge advantage."

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