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GroupAuto Color Service

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Sector: Distributor of paint and automobile products


GroupAuto Color Service is a network of distributors developed by GroupAuto. Color Service offers painting products and products for automobiles. GroupAuto is a national network of distribution of spare parts for motor vehicles that is present in 49 countries and that has a turnover of 6.6 billion pounds.

Start of the collaboration

Since September of 2016 La Sodip, client of Yuto, has been fusioned with GroupAuto creating the Color Service group. They were very happy with Yuto and the director of La Sodip recommended the service for a team of 60 employees in Color Service.

Challenges and solutions

The fusion created several technical and organisational changes. Yuto was therefore made compatible with their ERP « Sineres de Fujitsu » to secure that the data was synchronised between the two softwares.

Another problem that arose was that the product information management (PIM) created several difficulties for the company. Every entity had its own product catalogue. With Yuto all product data became centralised into one user interface to simplify the access to information.

We can therefore draw the conclusion that Yuto knew exactly how to respond to these problems in the organisational hierarchy. In an area where computer software has difficulties with creating a solution, Yuto handles complex hierarchical relations.

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