Sector: Manufacturer of chimneys, stoves and inserts


Chazelles is a family company that started 20 years ago in the Poitou Charentes region of France. The adventure started with the production of stone chimneys. The range of products widened with the arrival of wood burning stoves, then gas and finally pellet stoves. Today, the company produces and distributes heating systems that covers every need.

Start of the collaboration

The company that created Yuto, RiaStudio, has followed Chazelles in their digital evolution since 2009.

The brand Chazelles has chosen the agency to carry out several missions: The redesign of their website, the development of an extranet and the distribution of an effective web marketing strategy.

Given the fact that this collaboration worked wonderfully for Chazelles, they decided to buy Yuto for their sellers and stores.

Challenges and solutions

With Yuto’s help they have been able to accomplish several goals:

  • To equip their sales team with a modern and accessible digital tool that facilitates the administration of a customer account and prospect portfolios, and increase their turnover.
  • To optimise the effectiveness of their sellers and to centralise the software solutions to the headquarters of the company, thereby earning them time and money.
  • We equipped the sellers and the stores with Yuto, a tool that works both on phone and tablet, even without an Internet connection. Several features, such as managing the goals of the customer and instantaneous reporting, have been developed to manage effectively the commercial activity.
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