Account lists

The app needs access to user accounts in Android or Apple to be able to synchronize commercial information without running the app. We don’t collect account lists except the ones that are part of Yuto

Access to GPS position

Your GPS position is collected by our app to simplify travel routes to customers, or to see a list of customers in close proximity. This position has also been used to follow the placement of devices on the map at any point in time.

Your position is never published in public and never given or sold to third parties. It is only used for the features of the app.

Personal Data :

Only forms in the app collect personal and nominal data. This data is collected to treat your demand and we commit to not communicating or selling this information without your consent.

You have the right to access, change, correct and delete data that concerns you. (Article 34 in the French law « Informatique et Libertés » from the 6th of January 1978).

This website and associated use has been declared to the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL).